Our Facility - The only one who will know...is you!

Our location is very discrete and almost hidden away! The multi story building looks like an unassuming office building with several suites inside. It's not like your usual strip mall hair salon set up. You definitely won't have to worry about someone you know seeing you enter the building and knowing why you are their.

Our hair stations are in private studios! You can count on a private and comfortable experience. The only other person in the room will be your hair technician. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and sensitive environment for our customers.

We have two seperate comfortable and inviting waiting rooms equipped with reading material and refreshments. Even your waiting can be done in private!


VIP is a proud supporter of CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) We provide free haircuts for anyone who wishes to donate to the organization, and our staff also donates their time and skills to help this organization fulfill it's mission. Please contact us if you'd like to coordinate a haircut for donation. 719.574.0777 or email us.

For more information about CWHL Go to website