Non-Surgical Hair Grafts

This is no hair piece! Our hair grafts are made of dermal membranes that closely resemble a layer of human skin in transparency and thickness. In essence it is nothing more than an additional layer of skin added to the skin you already have. It is so transparent that the actual skin on your head is visible. Actual human hair is color matched and embedded into this skin and attached to the scalp in a secure way, so that you can feel confident of it staying in place. The membranes also allow hair to be inserted into it in such a way that it can faithfully reproduce the growth patterns, layering, bounce, and fall of human growing hair. That allows for a huge advantage when it comes to styling.

Styling your new hair involves cutting and refining after it has been secured to your head. If you chose to wear your hair combed back, or spike up with product, your hairline will look just like it did before you started losing your hair. There is no visible difference, and because it is actual human hair; the feel and texture of the hair is completely natural! You can be sure that this non-surgical hair replacement solution will behave just like natural hair.


VIP is a proud supporter of CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) We provide free haircuts for anyone who wishes to donate to the organization, and our staff also donates their time and skills to help this organization fulfill it's mission. Please contact us if you'd like to coordinate a haircut for donation. 719.574.0777 or email us.

For more information about CWHL Go to website