Why Women Lose Hair

A large number of women suffer from what is known as androgenic hair loss, which is caused by hormone changes. These changes are brought on for a variety of reasons. Stress and anxiety, pregancy, medications, or vitamin deficiencies are common reasons for woman to lose their hair. In many cases women are just unable to break down testosterone levels efficiently, which can cause hair loss for a woman.

The VIP Solution

Hair augumentation is a method of adding hair to thining areas, and replacing it in areas where there is no hair at all. VIP's non-surgical approach to hair replacement offers variable coverage, and an adjustable solution that can be worn while sleeping, excercising, swimming and many other things that are part of your active lifestyle.

Our services and products are custom designed for each client. Hair texture, wave and color are all factors that are incorporated into the design. Our services are so close to the real thing that you can be confident that styling your hair can be done in a variety of ways, and no one will ever know that you once had hair loss issues.

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VIP is a proud supporter of CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) We provide free haircuts for anyone who wishes to donate to the organization, and our staff also donates their time and skills to help this organization fulfill it's mission. Please contact us if you'd like to coordinate a haircut for donation. 719.574.0777 or email us.

For more information about CWHL Go to website