FAQs - non surgical hair replacement

At VIP Hair Center we know you are going to have many questions and encourage you to email or call us with them.

1. Why am I losing my hair?

While 95% of all hair loss is genetic, we recommend that you check with your board certified dermatologist or physician to be sure there isn’t an underlying cause to the hair loss. Learn more about causes of hair loss.

2. I’m not sure I will like the results?

Other clients have expressed this concern and once they tried our products and services they felt less self conscious about their appearance, looked 10 years younger and felt more at ease in social situations.

3. What will others say?

Other clients have found that because the hair blends in so well with their own hair and looks natural, many people didn’t notice the change. In fact, they have been asked if they got a hair cut! They also were asked where they could get hair replacement.

4. Will I be able to do all the activities I normally do?

Other clients have found that they can do everything they are used to doing, while looking natural. They shower and swim and feel complete freedom with no concerns or problems.

5. Can I afford it?

You will find our products and services are very reasonable. Ask us about our Internet special and save 30%! Check out our pricing and the VIP Offer!


VIP is a proud supporter of CWHL (Children With Hair Loss) We provide free haircuts for anyone who wishes to donate to the organization, and our staff also donates their time and skills to help this organization fulfill it's mission. Please contact us if you'd like to coordinate a haircut for donation. 719.574.0777 or email us.

For more information about CWHL Go to website