Causes of hair loss

Alopecia is the abnormal loss of hair. While hair loss can come from disease, stress, medications, injury or poor hair care habits, 95% of all hair loss is alopecia that is genetically caused. The hair follicles become genetically sensitive to a hormone (Dihydrotestosterone or DIT) which cause the lifespan of the hair follicle to shorten therefore falling out. In fact, two-thirds of men have some degree of appreciable hair loss by the time they are 35.

DHT, which stands for Dihydrotestosterone (5α-Dihydrotestosterone), is a male androgen sex hormone. The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes DHT in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes and prostate. Male and female adults lose hair because of changes in the way androgen is metabolized by the body. Men experience it more than woman, but woman can experience it as well.

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